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halo..halloo..hallooo...its me again updating my i am going to tell you gus about what I learnt in my telecommunication and networking class.It is the introduction to telecommunication..So,what's your opinion about the term of communication and telecommunication?at first,i was wondering too..what was these two  terms is actually mean..communication is actually means to convey or parting thought or ideas etc. by sign and sound like speech,signals,writing and behavior.In the other hand,telecommunication means to communicate over a long distance..tele means far or code represented by some form of electromagnetic energy to electricity,radio,waves light-transmitted through medium which is wires cable and atmosphere.

  Things that are required in telecommunication

    -professional-people who operate computers
    -end users - people who only knows to use computers  without special training in the field

-an ordered set of task for performing some action
info stored on computer system used by applications to accomplish tasks
- a presentation of facts concept or instruction in a formalised mannersuitable for communication interpreted and processing by humans or by automated means.

-physical object that are part of the computer system
-basic operation of a computer system are :Input,Process,Output and Storage(IPOS)
Computer need hardware to operate

instructions that controls the functioning of the computer
-instruction executed by computer as opposed to the physical device on which they run
computer programme- collection of instructions that describe tasks to be carried out by a computer..
-type of software-system,application.

now, i wanted to share with you guys clips that is related to telecommunication and networking

a brief  history of communication

How telecommunication works

So,basically that is what I had learnt in the class for my second week of study in semester two year one taking telecommunication and networking in class..lots of information i gain from this class..hope that my writing would give you some information too...hehe..wassalam


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